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Accueil > A thief stole the bingo cash with a pepper spray
A thief stole the bingo cash with a pepper spray
In Batavia in the State in Ohio, a thief sprayed a 66 years old man in his face to steal the bingo cash of the last bingo tournament. The man ran away of the Church with $2000 and when he was accosted by a young guy who wanted some money. To protect his haul, he sprayed him as well said the police officer of the city.

The police said that the thief knew that the bingo money of the event would be taken this morning at the bank and the police are suspecting a usual of the church. The police said also that the old man was suffering minor injuries and he was fine the day after the accident, same for the young guy who try to get some money from the thief. But, at the moment, the police have not enough clues to arrest someone and ask to the population to help it if someone knows something.

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Thuesday, 19 October 2010
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