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Accueil > Winner: Daniele Nestola 2012 PokerStars.net Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final
Winner: Daniele Nestola 2012 PokerStars.net Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final
Daniele Nestola has won the 2012 PokerStars.net Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final, taking home the title and R$289 300. A total of 367 player took part in the R$4 000 buy-in event, the most prestigious poker event in Brazil.

The presence of Daniel Negreanu put a notable mark on Brazilian poker, but it was Nestola that entered the final table with the big stack. Nestola wasted no time in wielding this weapon sealing the fate of Argentinian Juan Gonzalez, who left with R$26 340 for eighth place.

Vitor Torres, the final Brazilian, fell next when he crossed swords with Felipe Morbiducci. Daniel Negreanu's attempt at a double went wrong, when Carlos Ibarra turned over poket aces, and went out for 6th place.The bounty put Ibarra in a good position to attack Nestola, and in the battle Jonathan Markovits and Felipe Morbiducci were knocked out, taking 5th and 4th place respectively.Ibarra then fell to Gaspernio Nicolas, who had been biding his time, leaving Nicolas and Nestola to battle it out heads-up. They agreed to split R$500 000 of the pot in half and play for the remaining R$39 300. Nestola quickly snatched up the extra cash and the trophy when a 3 on the turn completed Nestola's straight.

The final results looked like this:Place Player Prize (Reais)1 Daniele Nestola 289,3002 Gasperino Nicolas 250,0003 Carlos Ibarra 148,8404 Felipe Morbiducci 89,5705 Jonathan Markovits 64,5406 Daniel Negreanu 48,7307 Vitor Torres 35,5608 Juan Gonzalez 26,340

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Thuesday, 21 February 2012
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