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Accueil > Las Vegas: Slot machines invade poker rooms
Las Vegas: Slot machines invade poker rooms
In Las Vegas, poker is not like it was in 2000’s. Recently, a large number of casinos gave up their gaming tables, especially poker, to highlight slot machine.

Despite the closure of these rooms, poker tournaments remain a successful event on the Strip. The M Resort in Henderson is among these casinos which have increased their park of slot machines, to the detriment of the space intended for poker tables.

The casino is currently right in renovation works and a new space of slot machines will be open to the public, by next month.

But while some casinos of the Strip leave poker little by little, because competition with online poker become more and more intense, others decided to make it their spearhead, following the example of Venetian, Caesars Palace or Bellagio. The latter stands out by the hosting of the World Series of Poker, the world championship of poker.

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Friday, 16 August 2013
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