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Accueil > Steve Wynn: A great art collector!
Steve Wynn: A great art collector!
Some wealthy and rich billionaires who own big casinos in Las Vegas or online casinos are known for their extraordinary wealth. They do their best to distinguish themselves from others. This is the case of Steve Wynn who highlights himself by purchasing a very special piece of art nicely valued at $ 28 million. In fact, the magnate of casino establishment has bought a stainless steel statue made by Jeff Koons at the auction house Sotheby’s.

The Statue weighs 900 kg and measures about 2 meters long. It embodies the legendary marine fan of spinach, Popeye. Actually it is not Wynn’s first purchase of an object of great value. Needless to say, he is known for collective great work of Modern and Contemporary art. With a longstanding interest in art, Wynn amazed everyone a few years ago by buying Jeff Koons’ Tulips sculpture for a staggering $ 33.7 million. The casino magnate bought it at a Christie auction in November 2012. Despite these big expenses, casino games online are available at any time and players can always continue to win casino online free bonus.

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014
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